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Discovering our region

In the heart of Provence

Le Moulin d'Aure has the good fortune to be located in the heart of some of the nicest sites in Provence :
The Valley of Les Baux de Provence, Avignon, Arles and St.Remy.
The Luberon mountains and its perched villages, the Alpilles and the Camargue are all within a short driving distance from the hotel.
t your leisure, you can discover a region full of history, traditions, artisans and craftsman.
You can discover this land where men and women live their lives in rhythm with the seasons of the sun.

The Camargue

Between the two branches of the Rhone River, the Camargue is a large plain between marshes and the Mediterranean Sea.
The flora and fauna are unique to this region. It is a wild land of the French cowboy and the inhabitants who depend on the mystery and wildness of this unique landscape. Discover the natural area by biking around the main pond of Vaccares or horseback riding to admire wild bulls or pink flamingos in their natural environment. Fishing and rice cultivation are important in the lives of the Camarguese. This is an area heavily influenced by the Spanish and Gypsy cultures.

Arles is the gateway to the Camargue. The beautiful Arlaten Museum recalls the traditons of Arles and the Camargue of the past with great exhibitions of costumes, embroideries and artifacts of daily life. The Museum of Antique Arles provides the visitor with a very complete retrospective of the Roman influences in Arles. Along with the Roman theatre, neither museum should be missed by the visitor to Provence. The most well known resident of Arles was the painter Van Gogh. Here

he lived and painted some of his most famous works. But it is in St. Remy that you will find the most influences of Van Gogh.

The Alpilles hills

This chain of mountains with its wind beaten, steep reliefs is an exceptional place to visit. The famous citadel of Les Baux de Provence sits atop this chain like a crown jewel.

Standing in this citadel, you will have unobstructed views of the Luberon and the Mediterranean.

All around the mountains you will discover small villages where the rhythm of life begins with the morning market and the seasonal offerings of fragrances, tastes and and products of Provence. The countryside smells of thyme, rosemary, savory . We recommend that you make a picnic among the olive groves and orchards . Or take a long walk among the golden wheat fields, the lavender fields and the vineyards. Then you will begin to experience the rhythm of life in the real Provence.

This is a region to discover slowly by following the sun. The sun which gives the life giving energy to the plants and trees. And the sunlight which has challenged painters to capture on canvas for centuries.

The Luberon

The mountains of the Luberon , 25 kilometers from the Alpilles, are home to the jewel box collection of perched villages: Gordes, Menerbes, Oppede le Vieux or Bonnieux. They offer unique architecture, extraordinary panoramic vistas and an ambience that is unforgettable.
The soil is a natural palette of colors from deepest red to the palest yellow which originate in the nearby ochre quarries.
You will discover art galleries and artists' studios tucked away in almost secret places on the narrow , stoned paved streets.


Avignon is at the crossroads of history,of Provence and the Languedoc, and between Spain and Italy. You will discover a walled Medieval city with the Pope's Palace and its spectacular architecture at its' center.
It is a town of performing arts and the entire month of July is dedicated to the international theatre festival.
The shopping area of town , within the ramparts, allows you a shopping experience on a very human scale. You will find the finest of contemporary and designer clothes, along with traditional ceramics, santons and pottery. Their are many fine restaurants . A speciality candy is "LA Papaline". It is a sweet candy made of chocolate and oregano liquer. This shopping area is completely accessible by walking.